We are Item Pluspartners

Schmohl’s partnership with Item ensures that our services and products can provide perfect solutions. And you, the customers, are the ones who benefit.
Item Plus Partnership means just one thing: best quality and no compromises, thanks to a combination of expert knowledge and the building kit system.

Our three pluses guarantee your satisfaction.

  • Our product plus
    For over thirty years Item’s building kit system has stood for top quality and innovation. Its 2,500 products are guaranteed to be permanently available to us as Item Pluspartners, so we can react quickly and reliably to any challenge that might arise in our machine construction.
  • The expert plus
    Our distinguished status as Item Pluspartners means that we are kept up to date with the latest information on the building kit system, and this continuous flow of data creates ideal conditions for the perfect functioning of your machine. The combination of our know-how in machine construction and Item’s backing cannot fail to produce efficient system solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.
  • Our performance plus
    When our know-how meets Item’s building kit system the result is a range of excellently tailored solutions. Thus there are no losers, only winners! Our advantage is that we can rely on Item’s competence and Item is able concentrate on the extension of their building kit system and the development of new components. And you, the customer, are a winner because you get exactly what you want: the very best!
item pluspartner

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