M 245 – Crusher for foam blocks

How it works

The crusher is a stable welded-framework construction with an integrated transport system.

The upper transport belt and the calendar roll are run via a precision adjustment spindle so that the transport belt moves into a slanting position and continuously mounting pressure is achieved.

An additional breaking-down of the cell structure is achieved by the upper and lower transport belts being independently adjustable in speed.

The lower transport system has five coated transport belts, which guarantees that the foam blocks are reliably fed into the machine.

The crushing of the blocks serves to break down the cell structure.

Technical data

  • Max. block width: 2.000 mm
  • Crushing speed: 15 m/min
  • Speed of height adjustment: approx. 2,5 m/min
  • Adjusting area of calendar roll: 1,500 to 200 mm
  • Feed speed without crusher: 30 m/min


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