M 153 – Pipe welding machine for foam materials

This machine is a thermic welding machine for the production of cellular material pipes, which are subsequently cut to a predetermined length.
Using a process control computer, programs which have been stored, can be called up to automatically determine and control the speed of processing according to the composition of the foam.

The dispenser is for two rolls of material of up to 1300 mm in diameter and 250 mm in breadth, so that 2 pipes can be produced at the same time. The motor driven draw-off rollers are controlled by photocells so that the feed-in and supervision of material can be guaranteed without any delays.

Pipes with a diameter of 20-60 mm can be produced and welded on a pipe forming machine.
A positioning roller is used to take the welded pipes to the guillotine cutter (NC controlled), where they are precision-cut. Up to 120 cutting operations per minute can be carried out.


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