M 266 Equipment for the detection and removal of defects


The decor material to be processed is marked by the supplier at the points where defects are to be found.  This is done by means of an aluminium strip which serves as a recognition signal to the DEA equipment.


During every working cycle in the working time of the press, the pre-determined length of decor material is fed into a storage unit in the DEA and watched over by sensors (defect sensors).

On recognition of a defect (by means of an aluminium strip), the feeding rollers are stopped and the decor material is held in position by clamping rails.  Using a combination of the sewing machine and the cutting device the defective decor is cut out and the material sewn together again.

On completion of the sewing process the storage unit is filled once more so that there is sufficient tension-free material available in the DEA machine for the requirements of the press after the ending of the press cycle.

A precise measurement is worked out by motor-driven length compensation roller with an electronic distance measuring system.  This prevents the extra seam from always being between two pressed pieces and thus does not permit inferior lengths to be produced.

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